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    Affordable subscription-based digital support for SMEs.

Our Services

Affordable Subscription-based Digital Marketing Support for SMEs.

Creative solutions for SMEs who wish to scale. We grow brands, increase their visibility, and create delightful experiences for their customers.

Website & Maintenance (12 months instalment)

We develop websites that are functional, user-friendly, and responsive. With the use of the latest tech stack, our dedicated web designers will help you develop websites that represent your brand in the best possible way and deliver results.

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Facebook/Instagram Ads Set-Up & Management

Although there is already a large market to explore on social media, you can have an edge over your competitors through Facebook / Instagram ads. We are ready to help you reach the right customers through our effective Facebook/Instagram Ads strategies.

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Pay-Per-Click (Google Ads) Management

Our budget-friendly PPC campaigns put you in front of those searching for businesses like yours and also help you stand out in your industry. Let’s get your business on the first page of search engines as well as a high conversion rate.

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Social Media Page Set-Up & Management

Let your customers know you exist and get them to become raving fans of your brand via social media. With a functional social strategy, you can keep your customers informed, engaged, entertained, and educated about how your business solutions impact them.

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Email Marketing Mgt. and Automation

Use a more personalised digital marketing strategy like Email Marketing to reach your customers and leads right when you need to and wherever they are. A cost-effective option to nurture leads, promote your offers, and keep you top of mind.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With a great SEO effort, your small business could experience a total turnaround. Our SEO experts ensure you show up on search engines when your customers search for you from anywhere in the world. Customise our SEO solutions to your taste.

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Successful projects delivered for many happy clients around the world.


Streamlined Digital Bolt-On Services for SMEs

Make our experienced team an extension of your digital marketing department at an affordable monthly fee.

Flywave is a digital transformation partner that looks out for you as a start-up, small, or medium scale business. Our digital solutions include Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Management and Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Email Marketing. With our digital expertise, we deliver high-quality services that meet your needs as a brand and provide the best user experience for your customers.

We are a subsidiary of Big Field Digital, a Software Engineering and 360° Digital Marketing agency in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria. Altogether, we have created over 50 websites, mobile and web apps. Our goal is to consistently deliver value to our clients at an affordable rate. We are an agency that is interested in your success every step of the way.

Our success as a brand is intertwined with that of our clients - so we put in maximum efforts to give you value for every penny spent. Our mode of operation allows you to get in sync with this fast-paced world regardless of how traditionally your business might have been operating. In this 21st century, online marketing isn’t just some fancy stuff; it’s extremely essential for your brand’s growth and sustainability. And it’s never too late to get plugged in.

Apart from having top-notch products and services that stand you out from your competitors, being visible is a game-changer. Depending on your budget and requirements, we provide digital solutions that help you show off your brand to a wider audience, be where your customers need you, understand their ever-changing behaviour, track all marketing efforts, and measure results.

With our subscription plans for SMEs, you get full value on your selected digital solutions while you pay a token monthly. Get started by identifying which service(s) your brand needs, check the pricing plan and reach out to our team. Or, begin by discussing your project requirements in our engagement form and we’ll get in touch with you almost immediately.